The Team




Robert is the founder of the business.

Working his way up from nothing to achieve what the business is today.

He is now retired, however will often pop in and be spotted in the workshop.



Andy is Robert’s son.

He joined in 2002 and built his own way up to being the general manager of the business,

as well as being the MoT manager and tester.



Nathan is Andy’s son.

He joined in 2015 as an apprentice and is the third generation of Lister mechanics.



Steve joined in 2015 and is our main MoT tester.

Known for his fun attitude to work, Steve can often be heard in the workshop, enjoying his day!




Paul is our electrical specialist.

With years of experience as a master technician in 2 dealerships and 8 years in auto electrics this man will solve almost anything!



Debbie is Andy’s wife.

She joined in 2013 as our receptionist,

working 3 days a week to keep the paperwork flowing nicely.



Christine is Robert’s wife.

She has worked with Robert from day 1,

behind the scenes organising the finances of the company.